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Coca-Cola “Nobody Like You”


Coca-Cola “Nobody Like You”

Coca-Cola “Nobody Like You”

Music Video

In celebration of the 100-year anniversary of Coca-Cola’s iconic contour bottle we were commisioned to make a music video love song featuring the bottle!

‍Coca-Cola provided us with a library of archival images and a few clips of footage from pre-existing coca-cola ads and then they let us run wild with it!

‍We wanted to make the video into a bubbly, visually stunning piece of work - so our team of five used a few tricks to make the still images feel more alive: from parallax and 3D mapping to camera moves and kelidescope effects, and even cel animated lettering - it was a fun challenge to bring coca-cola's vintage ads and still images life!

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Brunner, Atlanta
Music: “Nobody Like You” by Francesco Yates
Motion Studio: Super77
Producer: Jonas Amoss
Associate Producer: Sara Santillan
Creative Director: Sean Conner
Art Director & Animation: Chavilah Bennett, Karl Fekete
3D Animation: Andrew Mark
Animation: Sarah Schmidt